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Security Verified

Security Verified

YouTube Vanced is one of the amazing video player apps. Users can change the video theme and quality by altering the video set in this app. YouTube Vanced app is an excellent application that will give you every YouTube premium feature without any subscription. In addition, it will also provide you with a lot of additional features that you will not get with YouTube Premium.


You can secure and download it freely from our site and update it from anytime.Every YouTube user is disturbed by YouTube advertising. Google disrupts ads and uses YouTube Advanced whenever they stream their favorite content. But in the YouTube vented app, you will receive a feature by which you can easily turn off YouTube ads and stream your favorite film or videos without interference.Further, users can easily download YouTube Vanced through this web.

App NameYouTube Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size97 MB
Last updatedAug 30, 2023

What is YouTube Vanced?

The Vanced Manager is a third-party app not available in the Play Store. Block all the ads for you; the advanced will help you watch millions of music, documentation, and videos.You can find your favorite videos, create your playlists, discover new videos, and browse your country’s daily high trends by watching unlimited videos! Enjoy the sound with the whole voice.

When you watch your favorite videos, your time will not waste your time when promotional videos suddenly appear. This app has blocked all promotional videos. So that the audience’s emotional circuit cannot be disturbed, enjoy numerous videos about food, makeup, music, and movies that interrupt your view without any advertisement.

YouTube Vanced

Main Features

Free to use

This app is free to use. With all these amazing features, it is surprising that they will still need to receive money for it.

Non-rooted devices

 YouTube Vanced can download and install the latest version from our site without any modification. People believe they can only use a Vanced manager on their rooted device, but this is fiction.

Different recommended content

All music videos, game shows, and plays are available on this app. This app contains various genders, depending on your entertainment requirements. Users can find and watch all their favorite video types on this easy platform.

Forced VR format

Forced VR mode forces YouTube to display videos in a VR format without a VR headset. Youtube advanced users enjoy another level of experience with forced VR mode.

Night Mod

The famous feature of this application is Dark Mode. With this Mod option, it is best to watch YouTube at night. Low light brightness for the eyes is better.

User-friendly interface

YouTube Vanced is a simple interface application. To access all the Vanced features, you must sign in to this app and tap the top right corner account button where you get the Settings button. In advanced settings, you can activate all the additional features of the YouTube Vanced app.

Maximum savings battery

This app player maximizes your phone’s battery power even when you use it parallel to another browser. This application is designed as a wallpaper player. Users do not need to open the entire screen when using. Therefore your phone’s battery power will be more and more beneficial for your phone.

Priority speed and resolution

YouTube Vanced allows users to control playback speed and video resolution. This feature gives more flexibility and customization, making it easier to watch videos on your priority speed and resolution. Users can increase or reduce playback speeds to meet their priority and choose from many video resolutions, including 1080p, 720p, and 4K, according to their device’s capabilities and internet connection speed.

Repeat Video

The YouTube vented video feature automatically repeats the current video, so you can view it repeatedly without restarting it every time. This feature is the best of music videos, educational content, or something you like to see repeatedly.

Unlimited free use

Now you have to enjoy YouTube Vanced without any compensation. There is no limit to using this app, such as a few hours or just twenty-four hours for free. Users can use this app for free. It is not necessary to worry about your use because it will not go premium after completing a few days.

Background playback

This feature allows you to multi-task and keep the audio even. If you switch to another app., users can also control playback from your device’s lock screen, so you never be defeated.

The best quality video for you

All the pictures and voices of the video player on this app are described in every small detail. Users do not have to worry about the quality of sound issues. This app has installed a high resolution of up to 4K so that viewers can find a moment to experience all videos fully.

Advertisement Block

YouTube Vanced prevents all kinds of ads, including video advertising, banners, and popups, from watching uninterrupted experiences.

Anti-Ban Feature

This app provides an antibiotic feature that is at stake to ban the use of the app. Users can enjoy this app as they want because they are not being banned at any cost. Users will completely enjoy the application and will not be banned due to the Anti -Ban feature.

Change the resolution

Watch videos in your YouTube Vanced app; users can adjust video resolutions to meet their screens. However, this is not all. Even you can overload the maximum resolution of your videos and turn them into diverse resolutions to meet your phone.

Key Features

  • Priority resolution and speed feature
  • Pinch to zoom on all devices
  • All YouTube Blocks ads
  • The background playback feature
  • Video window new or old style
  • Swipe control for volume and sparkle
  • Repeat the video feature
  • This is an amazing application for all YouTube Vanced lovers. This application is small; everyone can give it on their Android phone.
  •  They are removing comments, UI advertising, community posts, Home ads, movie-up sailing, compact movie, removal of Movie shelves, compact banners, and much more!
  • If you like to allow it, you can fix the default video resolution and overload the screen resolution for a sharp 4K playback on any device.
  • If you need a cinema experience, you can close 60fps or HDR playbacks.
  • YouTube Vanced has many features, such as ad-blocking and background playback. However, the legal status of using the app needs to be clarified. It is safe to use until downloaded from a reliable source.

Alternative app of YouTube Vanced

Alternative app of YouTube Vanced


If you are looking for a privacy-based YouTube app, LibreTube is the best alternative. This app is the latest, most accessible, and most amazing on YouTube. Further, it has options that allow you to customize playback control and add a free experience.


SkyTube is the best free replacement for YouTube Vanced. This application does not allow you to sign in with your Google Account.


 With this adaptation, you can access many additional features that YouTube does not provide. Most importantly, Uptoles take care of advertisements that keep popping up between videos, which is the best part.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Vanced is an Alternative to YouTube Premium. It is a subscription service through YouTube that provides and increases the free experience and background music playback. The biggest problem consumers face with YouTube Premium is its availability.


  • No need to install other plugins, such as micro, Vanced manager
  • It uses low data and battery of your device and runs easily on all auxiliary devices.
  • Maximum resolution of active videos through default.
  • The number of ads has been reduced; there are no disturbing ads. If you want to go, you can also remove ads.
  • Dark/light mode in vented tube mode selection.
  • Find videos in a specified language.
  • The Vancad tube supported the high resolution.
  • Floating popup play mode
  • Find the filters
  • No login is required
  • It is readily available for both root and non-root devices.
  • Auto Play Video with advanced
  • Discover any video with a Vanced tube
  • Show the next related videos
  • Enjoy free music with video tube

Run YouTube Vanced on Pc

The BlueStacks App is the best platform for playing Android apps for a deep gaming experience on your PC. YouTube Vanced’s ability to play videos in the background while the user works on another on his phone. When you watch your favorite videos, the app also eliminates the need to endure ads. Moreover, YouTube enables Vancade users to force resolutions. With the help of repeating videos, you can play videos repeatedly. However, it can be used for any video, not just music videos. Choose a video you enjoy and repeatedly play it.

How to download YouTube Vanced on PC?

  • Download Blue Stacks on your PC.
  • Find YouTube Vanced in the Search Bar.
  • Click to install this YouTube from our site. Download links are available.
  • And after downloading, click the Installation button.
  • Open this application and enjoy it.

How to download YouTube Vanced for Android device?

It is completely safe to download this from our web. No virus is found in this app and does not require root installation. Follow these steps are:

  • The latest version of the YouTube Vanced is available in our site.
  • Just Click the download link.
  • Wait few seconds.
  • Now the download is completed.
  • Go to settings manue and allow unknown sources.
  • open file manager and click the Install file on your device.
  • Installation is completed.

Requirements of YouTube Vanced

  • HDD: 5GB of free disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above.
  • Intel or AMD processor.


 Is YouTube Vanced available for PC?

This application is available for PC. You need to download the Android emulator on their PC and then download this app for their computer.

Is it safe to use YouTube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced is hundred % secure to use. Users can download any application from our site.

Does YouTube Vanced need root?

Users don’t need a root device. Every user can install this application on both root and non-rooted Android phones.

What does YouTube Vanced do?

It is a terrific application to help you watch videos in the background. And users can also watch videos on half-screen. In addition, you can also download unlimited videos directly to your phone.

How to update YouTube Vanced?

Whenever the latest version is released, you can easily update YouTube Vanced.

Users can get and use this application on Android devices. You can use this app in the background without any hassle.


Finally, it is easy for all users to use. Many people are using YouTube Vanced because of its amazing features. Easy to install and have excellent features, you can enjoy using this application. Some features, such as pictures on the image, background video playback on Android phones, and dark mode, are unavailable from the official YouTube. For some of the program users, all these features are very attractive.